Evergreen Review reviews The Guys Who Spied for China

By | Dec 21, 2010

Evergreen Review‘s New Edition: The Guys Who Spied for China By Gordon Basichis (Minstrel’s Alley, 2010) Review by Kevin Riordan This roman a clef puts us face to face with some extraordinarily paranoid individuals, along with the proof that, yes, they have been paying attention.  Rather than going for literary extravagance, Basichis has assembled a […]

Minstrel’s Alley to Expand Its Book List

By | Dec 14, 2010

Minstrel’s Alley, an independent publisher is expanding its book publishing efforts in the forthcoming year. The Los Angeles based company has scheduled three books for publication in 2011. The books will be published as trade paperbacks as well as in the EBook format.

The first release will be The Blood Orange, a romantic mystery thriller by Gordon Basichis and is scheduled for January 2011. The novel is set in contemporary Los Angeles but harkens back to the days of old, Spanish California. The story is one of corporate and government intrigue.

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