wandering minstrel

Take a walk down Minstrel’s Alley.

Experience a difference in publishing and media, where the traditional forms of art and storytelling combine with modern sensibilities.  Minstrel’s Alleys is not for the gatekeepers of the world but for the readers and viewers who want something more than the predictable, the run of the mill.

Here we try to publish books with which you can identify.    These are the books that have popular appeal but are not considered mainstream.   This is where the rubber meets the road.   The naughty mixes with the nice.  Work conveys nuance and the affirmation of life.   Its very irreverence makes Minstrel’s Alley a holy place.  Where sensibility finds sanctuary.

There is no place here for celebrity cut and paste ups.   This is no place for the generic or for the inflated sound bytes that are merely posing as books.  This is modern, cutting edge literary content that is based in literary tradition.

Leave your preconceptions at home.

In the future, videos, music, and new media specials will be playing in Minstrel’s Alley.

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