The Guys Who Spied for China


The Guys Who Spied for China” is a roman a clef, exposing Chinese Espionage Networks during the eighties and nineties.  It was the quarter finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Competition.

It is the quirky story of how two disparate men uncovered an elaborate spy operation that had functioned on American soil for nearly four decades.  Through fate and serendipity, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, meets Johnny G Man, a vaunted scientist and the ultimate Cold Warrior.

What they helped unmask was a network of home grown spies in California and throughout the United States.  As a result, newspapers ran relentless headlines depicting Chinese Espionage practices in the United States.  The year 1985 was pronounced by the news media as “The Year of the Spy.”

“This is a new twist on the spy drama. While providing details of events that were often swept under the rug, this very personal and often darkly humorous tale captures what it feels like to be suddenly thrust into the shadowy world of espionage.  You get to feel what it’s like to be there.

The Guys Who Spied for China is set largely in California, in the Santa Monica Mountain Range, just above Beverly Hills.

What’s remarkable is that most of this story is true.

Gordon Basichis is the author of two previous books, Beautiful Bad Girl, The Vicki Morgan Story, and The Constant Travellers.  He has worked as  a screenwriter and producer.   He is Co-Founder of Corra Group, specializing in background checks and corporate research.  He has also been a marketing executive and journalist. He currently lives in Southern California.

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